Welcome to PHLV-Rescue-Sceneries!

On our Website you will find air rescue centers, hospitals and helicopter landing sites for the X-Plane 10/11. When build, we put priority on details, of course, we want not to build all the screw. Nevertheless, we try to implement a project well with all the means. The idea of creating a own site where you can download our projects is rather spontaneous, but with the goal that we build our own developer team. Our projects should always remain to Download for free.


We hope you had a good start to the new year. We wish you much success, happiness and health for the year 2018.

Immediately after we published Greven air rescue center, we got back to work on finding a new project and informing the various clinics we could imagine. Unfortunately, we came here for the time being only to cancellations. In the request to the hospital Wolfenbüttel, came unexpectedly at this time, to the long-awaited commitment!

Quickly, we tried to make an appointment that suited us and the hospital. On the 26.11.2017 it finally happened and we drove to Wolfenbüttel. The work at the hospital and the air rescue center are in full swing and initial successes can already be seen. Of course, we can not give you an exact date for the release, but we still aim to release the scenery this year.

We come to this assessment because we want to build a scenery that has a high degree of detail. Of course we know that a scenery with lots of details needs a very good computer with a lot of power. We realize that not everyone have a PC like this , so we want to release two versions of the scenery to give everyone the opportunity to fly in Wolfenbüttel. In addition, we are still only a two-man developer team, so it takes a bit longer. If you are interested in implementing sceneries in Europe, it is possible to join the development team [HERE].

* The project is still in the first phase of development. The pictures DO NOT represent the final version.

-PHLV Rescue Sceneries

We are pleased to announce that we have started a new project. This project includes the clinic and the station of Christoph 30 in Wolfenbüttel.

From now on we try to present a developer blog every two weeks. There you can follow the current state of development. During the development phase, we also offer you the opportunity to help shape the project. You can do this with suggestions or wishes.

At this point, we refer again to our Discord server (also gladly via contact form). From 22.12.2017 you will find a new Title on our website. This one will call himself Dev blog. 

Of course we know that the project is not for everyone, but we hope that you look forward to the finished project.

For a long time you didnt hear anything from us, but today is the day when there are news again. We are happy to announce that from today we have a Discord Server. On the server you can ask questions and get in contact with the developers. In addition, we can finally tell you that we have found a new project (more information will follow in the next few weeks). If you have questions, you can also come to our Discord server as mentioned above.



Bild Quelle: https://www.dualshockers.com/talking-destiny-2-discord-dualshockers/


After a small development period we can release our first update for the air rescue center of Christoph Westfalen (Christoph 76). The version 1.1! You can find out what has changed in the changelog. You can download the latest version HERE. If you have any questions or problems with the air rescue center, please let us know HERE. We wish you a lot of fun with the new version for the air rescue center of the Christoph Westfalen.