Welcome to PHLV-Rescue-Sceneries!

On our Website you will find air rescue centers, hospitals and helicopter landing sites for the X-Plane 10/11. When build, we put priority on details, of course, we want not to build all the screw. Nevertheless, we try to implement a project well with all the means. The idea of creating a own site where you can download our projects is rather spontaneous, but with the goal that we build our own developer team. Our projects should always remain to Download for free.

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After a small development period we can release our first update for the air rescue center of Christoph Westfalen (Christoph 76). The version 1.1! You can find out what has changed in the changelog. You can download the latest version HERE. If you have any questions or problems with the air rescue center, please let us know HERE. We wish you a lot of fun with the new version for the air rescue center of the Christoph Westfalen.

since a week we are working on an update for the air rescue center of the Christoph Westfalen. With the work we are as good as finished, that is, we can offer it to you for download. The update will be available on 23.06.2017 at 18:00 clock. To get the latest version, simply download the air rescue center on our site. You can then replace the old version with the new one. You will be able to read all the changes in the changelog. In the future, if there are new updates or announcements, you can read them here on our website or on our Facebook page.

With the release, the work at the published air rescue center does not stop. We are currently working on an update for the Version 1.0. The update includes two smaller objects and several fixes. What changes exactly, can be read in the Changelog. Currently we can not tell you exactly when the update is finished. Of course, we are not only working on an update, but also on a new project. Here again, you have to be patient again, because our developer team currently consists of two people, as already mentioned on our website. But soon you can see screenshots HERE and on our Facebook-Page. We hope you like our first Scenery. If you find any mistakes or have wishes for the future, you can report them HERE.